Signs Your Car is About to Die

Finding a Good Auto Mechanic: 3 Things to Look Out For

As every car owner knows, when you need your vehicle repaired or serviced, finding a reliable and qualified mechanic can make all the difference. If you are currently on the lookout for a new auto mechanic, read on. Below is a guide to 3 signs that an auto repair mechanic will offer a reliable and […]

Car Repairs: Signs Your Alternator Is Worse For Wear

One of the vital components of your vehicle is the alternator. This is because it is tasked with converting energy from the vehicle’s crankshaft into energy that will be used to power the various electrical components in your vehicle. In addition to this, the alternator is also tasked with ensuring your vehicle’s battery is able […]

Car Problems That Are Very Easy to Misdiagnose

Not all car problems that you have with your vehicle are going to be expensive to fix, which is why it’s good to get them checked out quickly rather than put it off, trying to avoid a repair bill. You may also be misdiagnosing a problem, assuming it’s a very expensive part that is malfunctioning […]

How to Keep Your Transmission System Healthy While Off-Roading

A vehicle’s 4 wheel drive transmission system is going to be put through plenty of stress when you go off-roading, so there are steps you need to take to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the transmission doesn’t get damaged. To ensure that you can head out into the backcountry without putting your transmission in […]

Car Service: Routine Maintenance Measures for Your Transmission System

For your vehicle to maintain optimal performance, you would need to carry out routine maintenance on your transmission system. This is because the transmission system is composed of an assortment of components, and if any of them has become compromised, it could have adverse effects on the efficiency and functioning of your vehicle. Granted, car […]

What to Do If Your Car’s Brake Pedal Isn’t Doing Its Job Properly

Do you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, as your foot sinks further and further towards the floor of your car when you’re trying to stop? You will be used to a brake pedal that only has a very precise amount of travel before being effective. If, all of a sudden, […]

Why Attention to This Process Can Save You Maintenance Money in the Long-Term

Many thousands of parts go into the make-up of a typical car. They’re all precisely engineered and supposed to work together in harmony, to help you get from point a to point b. However, manufacturers do not make these parts so that they can last for an interminable amount of time. It’s fair to say […]

Auto Service: Reasons Why You May Develop Power Steering Vibrations

The onset of power steering vibrations when driving can be quite a scary experience. This typically stems from the constant shaking of your engine and could also present the risk of damage to other auto parts that are in close proximity to the engine. This is why it is prudent to establish the cause of […]