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Car Service: Routine Maintenance Measures for Your Transmission System


For your vehicle to maintain optimal performance, you would need to carry out routine maintenance on your transmission system. This is because the transmission system is composed of an assortment of components, and if any of them has become compromised, it could have adverse effects on the efficiency and functioning of your vehicle. Granted, car serving can go a long way in changing the lifespan of your transmission system. Nevertheless, there are some routine checks and maintenance measures that should be carried out periodically instead of having to wait until your vehicle is due for servicing. Below are some of the routine maintenance measures that you should carry out on your transmission system.

Have the pan gasket inspected and replaced as needed

The pan gasket is a component that is located on the rim of your transmission pan. Over time, this pan gasket can develop cracks and other forms of damage due to regular use. If the damage is not spotted in time, it could lead to an undetected leak in your transmission system. It should be noted that leaks in your transmission system are cause for alarm as they could lead to a myriad of problems, such as losing the ability to shift your gears properly, mechanical problems and an overall compromised ability to drive your vehicle safely.

Luckily, the replacement of the pan gasket is quite simple. Moreover, this component is quite affordable so you will not incur expensive repair costs. If you inspect your pan gasket and find that it is still structurally viable, it is prudent take it out and give it a thorough cleaning to prevent the accumulation of grime.

Routine cleaning of the transmission components

Another maintenance measure that you could carry out on your own is routine cleaning of your transmission system. Due to the working conditions that this system is exposed to, grime will inevitably accumulate on the different components. Leaving this dirt in place for prolonged periods causes it to turn to sludge, and this can affect the performance of your transmission system. This is because any chemicals present in the dirt could start corroding parts of your transmission system.

When embarking on cleaning of the transmission system, you should focus on several components. These components include the transmission case, the transmission pan, the sealing surface of the transmission system and the exhaust system in the event that any sludge or transmission fluid has dripped onto this component. Talk to a mechanic at a car service shop for more information.


17 February 2017