Signs Your Car is About to Die

Hello, my name is Roy. For many years, I drove a 1976 Ford estate car around Sydney. The car had belonged to my grandpa. It was passed down to me when I had just passed my driving test at the age of 18. That was in 1986 and the car was already in a pretty bad condition then. Fast forward to 2006 and I was now aged 38 and still driving the same car around. Sometimes the car wouldn't start, white smoke came out of the exhaust and the gearbox made a terrible sound. I did my best to patch it up, but eventually, I had to scrap the car and buy a new one. I decided to start a blog to encourage others to service their cars.

Don't Overlook These Important Maintenance Tasks for Your New Car


The best way to keep your new car running like new is to take good care of it and ensure it's always properly maintained right from the moment you drive it off the dealer's lot. The more vigilant you are about taking care of your new car, the longer its overall life and the fewer repair bills you might face down the road. To ensure your new car is always in its best condition and to ensure you always have a safe and comfortable ride, note a few important maintenance tasks you don't want to overlook, beyond just getting the oil changed!


A vehicle's tyres are vitally important, as they affect the car's handling and, in turn, its overall safety. Poor-quality tyres can also mean added wear and tear on the tie rods, struts, brakes and many other parts under the car's hood. Check the vehicle's tyre pressure every month, or as often as recommended in the owner's manual, and ensure the tyres are not underinflated or even overinflated to help protect against early tread wear. Have the tyres rotated, aligned, and balanced every year, or even more often if you drive on gravel or otherwise rough roads. This will ensure the tyres are always supporting the car properly and are safe for driving.


You may not think that windscreen wipers are very important, but high-quality wipers in good condition ensure a clear view out the windscreen and help to protect the windscreen itself. Worn wipers that are shredded can just rub grit and grime across the surface of the windscreen, causing scratches and other damage. This can allow dust and dirt to settle onto the glass, weakening it. New wipers with quality rubber blades will then protect the windscreen while also allowing you to see the road!


Check the battery of your car often, especially if you have a lot of electrical components under the hood. If there is corrosion around the connectors, clean this off as needed so there is no interference of the electrical current coming from the battery itself. Note if the case seems swollen or otherwise damaged, as this can mean the battery's chemicals are leaking and the battery is then losing power. A poorly charged battery can mean more wear and tear on electrical components, as they then struggle to work properly while being underpowered. Recharging the battery when needed and replacing it once it's beyond recharging, will then avoid this wear and tear of those components.

Contact a car service centre for additional advice.


15 January 2018