Signs Your Car is About to Die

Hello, my name is Roy. For many years, I drove a 1976 Ford estate car around Sydney. The car had belonged to my grandpa. It was passed down to me when I had just passed my driving test at the age of 18. That was in 1986 and the car was already in a pretty bad condition then. Fast forward to 2006 and I was now aged 38 and still driving the same car around. Sometimes the car wouldn't start, white smoke came out of the exhaust and the gearbox made a terrible sound. I did my best to patch it up, but eventually, I had to scrap the car and buy a new one. I decided to start a blog to encourage others to service their cars.

Is Your Car Not Starting? 3 Things That Might Be Causing the Problem


Many things can go wrong when your car fails to start. You can miss out on a crucial meeting, skip a doctor's appointment or get your kids late to school. Having an idea of what could be wrong gives you control of the situation and enables you to take the necessary action. Whether this issue has happened to you before or not, learn the reasons behind it. Learn some possible reasons why your car might fail to start and why it needs car service.

1. The Battery Might Be Dead

The first step to take if you notice your car is not starting is to check whether the battery is fully charged. If not, that explains why your ignition efforts are proving futile. With a dead battery, your car's electrical parts that aid in starting the car cannot function. For that reason, follow good care practices to ensure the optimal performance of your battery.

The action of starting your car ordinarily takes about 10 minutes off your battery's life, and to fully charge it, you will need to be on the road for at least 30 minutes. So if you travel distances that are less than 30 minutes daily, you are slowly damaging your battery.

Another bad habit that kills your battery is if the AC, radio or lights are always on whenever you start the car. This mistake often exerts too much pressure on the battery. So always ensure these parts are turned off before you start the vehicle.

If the car is cold, ensure that you step on the clutch first before starting it to minimize battery pressure. If that solution does not work, try a battery insulator to warm it up. You also have the option of jumpstarting the car. However, this should only be left to a professional auto repairer as it can be hazardous.

2. Starter Motor Issue

The motor is a vital part that connects to your battery. Whenever you turn the ignition button on, it helps get the engine going. If the motor is faulty, you will often hear a click sound when you ignite the car causing it not to start. There is a little trick you can apply if it is an old model. Put the vehicle in gear mode while the ignition is off, and then gently rock the car. If that does not dislodge the car, you need to call an auto electrical expert to assist.

3. Your Car Is Out of Fuel

However obvious this point may sound, it is a valid reason for your car not to start. You might find yourself wondering what the problem could be, but maybe you just forgot to fill your tank on your way home. So, make a habit of passing by the fuel station at the end of each day. 

The above points are possible reasons why your car is not starting. If you are unsure how to go about it, always call in an auto service for help.


28 June 2021