Auto Service: Reasons Why You May Develop Power Steering Vibrations


The onset of power steering vibrations when driving can be quite a scary experience. This typically stems from the constant shaking of your engine and could also present the risk of damage to other auto parts that are in close proximity to the engine. This is why it is prudent to establish the cause of your vibrations and have it remedied post haste. It should be noted that there is an assortment of reasons why you may develop a vibrating engine and power steering.

8 February 2017

4 Signs That Your Vehicle's Oxygen Sensor is Faulty


The oxygen sensor, or O2 sensor, in your vehicle is a relatively inexpensive part, but its role is extremely important. This is because there is a particular ratio of air to gasoline that makes combustion within the engine perfect. If there is too little air to meet this perfect ratio, there will be fuel left over after combustion; if there is too much air, excess oxygen is produced within the engine.

28 April 2016