3 Warning Signs of Brake Problems You Should Not Ignore


Brakes are an integral part of your car. They enable you to stop your vehicle abruptly when you face a dangerous situation on the road. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure they are performing well before you start driving. If you notice that your brakes are defective, it is imperative to hire an auto repair expert to fix them. Failure to service your car's braking system may lead to accidents or even loss of lives.

9 November 2020

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Servicing an Automatic Transmission Vehicle


It is easy to assume that the convenience that an automatic transmission offers is the sole reason for its popularity today. However, low maintenance is the reason why most drivers are attracted to automatic transmission cars. It can be attributed to the fact that an automatic transmission has few moving parts compared to a manual transmission. Consequently, it is easy to service an automatic transmission car at home, but you need to avoid certain mistakes.

9 September 2020